European Summer School

Qualifizierungsevent für erfahrene Trainer*innen aus dem Netzwerk

Jedes Jahr kommen praxiserfahrene Trainer*innen aus ganz Europa im Ruhrgebiet zusammen, um sich im Rahmen eines viertägigen Programms weiterzubilden und Peer Educators zu werden. Sie werden in vielfältigen und intensiven Modulen darauf vorbereitet, in ihrem Projektland neue Trainer*innen zur Durchführung von Workshops zu Europa, Medien und Beteiligung fortzubilden und Bildungsmaterialien zielgruppenspezifisch zu entwickeln und anzupassen.

European Summer School 2022. © Stefanie Loos

Teil des Programms sind zudem Methoden inklusiver und diskriminierungssensibler Demokratiebildung sowie die Auseinandersetzung mit eigenen Haltungen, Werten und Privilegien. Die European Summer School bietet einen transnationalen Begegnungsraum für junge engagierte Europäer*innen und stärkt durch Austausch und Dialog ihre Kompetenzen für Teilhabe in pluralen Gesellschaften.

European Summer School 2022

Vom 1.09 bis 04.09 fand in Oer-Erkenschwick die jährliche European Summer School des Understanding Europe Netzwerks statt. 19 Peer Educators und fünf Fellows trafen sich inmitten weiter Natur im Salvador-Allende Haus, um sich kennenzulernen und über Demokratiebildung zu diskutieren. Zudem stellten die diesjährigen Fellows ihre neu entwickelten Workshops zu sozialer Gerechtigkeit vor, die nun Teil der neuen Understanding Europe Toolbox werden.


European Summer School 2021

Die diesjährige Summer School fand vom 23. bis 26. September in Duisburg statt. Das Programm bestand aus interaktiven Workshops, Methoden und Ansätzen der inklusiven und diversitätsorientierten demokratischen Bürgerschaftsbildung, einem Anti-Rassismus-Training sowie einem Gespräch mit Yael Ohana von Frankly Speaking. Die meisten Teilnehmenden konnten unter Einhaltung eines strengen Hygienekonzepts persönlich anwesend sein. Alle andere nahmen über ein hybrides Buddy-System digital teil.


European Summer School 2020

In Reaktion auf die Entwicklungen der COVID-19-Pandemie hat das Team von Understanding Europe im vergangenen Jahr das Format der European Summer School komplett digitalisiert: 17 Peer Educators aus zehn unterschiedlichen Ländern kamen im digitalen Raum zusammen. Neben didaktischen Ansätzen und digitalen Trainings- und Bildungsformaten standen Fake News und Hate Speech im Fokus. Externe Expert*innen gaben u.a. Inputs zu “Bildungsungleicheiten in der Schule” und coachten die Teilnehmer*innen in einem Diversity Training.

Peer Educators 2021-2022

Júlia Aguilera Jofre

UE Spain
I am very excited to uptake this challenging academic year as a Peer-Educator, a year that will definitely be filled with different opportunities and innovative educational formats.

Elisa Mauke

UE Germany
I´m part of the Understanding Europe project because I couldn´t enjoy political lessons during my school days. So I know how difficult an overwhelming it can be to develop political awareness without any support. Through my work as a trainer for UE Germany, I can enable young people to come into contact with the EU at an early stage.

Kansu Ekin Tanca

UE Turkey
Being a Fellow in the Digital Europe Programme before, I had the opportunity to develop a dialogue-oriented workshop focusing on digital citizenship for youth. Now becoming a peer-educator, I look forward to engaging with democratic citizenship education even more!

Kerstin Reisinger

UE Austria
I think Austria can benefit a lot from the Understanding Europe project, as political education and especially education about the European Union is not usually seen as a priority in schools. With the Understanding Europe project, we can try to bridge this educational gap.

Klajdi Kaziu

UNA Albania
Understanding Europe, to me, introduces a new approach to bringing youth closer to European themes. Through promoting critical youth activism, I expect to slowly contribute towards the development of better-informed, politically sound, and active young Europeans, sharing concerns and actions across their national borders.

Leonor Costa

UE Portugal
I got involved with Understanding Europe hoping to expand my own knowledge of the EU and developing new skills within the scopes of communication and teamwork. While being active in UE, having contact with both Trainers and students from different backgrounds, I have been presented with multiple learning experiences which I will undoubtedly take with me for the rest of my life.

Ema Gonçalves

UE Portugal
I joined Understanding Europe last year in hopes of engaging my peers’ civic participation and to try blurring the bridge that separated them from EU’s decisions and functioning. This year I am a Peer Educator and I’m looking forward to help guiding new Trainers through this experience!

Diana Alexandra Andrei

UE Belgium
As a Peer Educator of the project, it's important to be aware of the needs of others, to be creative and be able to deliver the knowledge by taking into consideration the multiple intelligences of the audience. These 3 things are essential also in our crash courses. For me, being part of Understanding Europe means to live a life of use to others and ensure a better future for the next generations.

Vladyslava Kuriacha

UE Ukraine
Understanding Europe Ukraine has shown me how empowering education and knowledge truly is. I am grateful for the ability to offer space for open discussion and the free exchange of ideas for our young people. In return, they never fail to fascinate and inspire me with their energy and eagerness to learn, to question, and to work for a better future. Archimedes said, ‘If you give me a lever and a place to stand, I can move the world.’ I want to believe that with UE we are offering both.

Taguhi Poghosyan

UE Armenia
I have been part of UE since 2017, and throughout this time the project not only gave me a chance to be more active in my community and in my country in general, but it also gave me a chance to learn more about the structure of the EU, its history and gain an understanding of the most relevant political topics.

Julia Kikel

UE Austria
After being introduced to the European Youth Parliament in 2017, I have always felt very passionate about European values and youth participation. The Understanding Europe project, specifically, appealed to me because of its novel, tangible and interactive teaching and learning approach, which is mutually enriching for both pupils and trainers. Moreover, I enjoy being part of an international team of equally motivated and like-minded people who share my interests.

Arijle Kurtagić

UE Bosnia and Herzegovina
I believe that in Bosnia and Herzegovina the Understanding Europe program carries an additional amount of importance than in some countries that are EU member countries already. Here, there is so much skepticism regarding the EU. Understanding Europe allows young people to create an informed, balanced stance regarding the EU's effectiveness and serves as a tool to teach them that their voices matter, in their home country, and in the European Union.

Mihalea Brinza

UE Italy
I believe in world cause I believe in people. I believe in what Understanding Europe is doing. This project contributes to our personal growth. It brings us closer to the European Union. We have te possibily to deal with like-minded people who have the same interests. In this way we better understand what European union really is.

Isabela Neague

Station Europe Romania
It is a great pleasure to be able to bring the Understanding Europe program to Romania, as well! I am honored to be able to participate with other young people in this incredible training experience and to be among the ambassadors of the values of a cohesive Europe, through applied learning and non-formal practices.

Doruk Buyukpinar

UE Turkey
As a law graduate who had the chance to take part in a variety of youth organisations, I am humbled and honoured more than ever to join the UE Network. It is my utmost please to be able to ambassade the European values and qualities by means of discussions, panels, and various other methods of interactive teaching towards any and all attendees

Amy Cox

UE Ireland
I’m delighted to be involved with Understanding Europe because I believe that education is important for our empowerment as young people. I hope the programme will have an impact in Ireland as it has done across Europe.