Understanding Europe Ukraine

Our team in Ukraine consists of motivated volun­teers who are part of the European Youth Parli­ament. As in other project countries, we conduct Under­standing Europe Crash Courses and aim to strengthen the students’ democratic compe­tences and to get to know the history, insti­tu­tions and oppor­tu­nities for parti­ci­pation of the European Union. Over the past years, we have held several events for new Trainers and have coope­rated with the European Youth Parli­ament to conduct courses not only in schools but also as a part of the EYP sessions in the country.


Maria Mihajlova

“I am grateful to be able to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge about the core principles of the European Union. Understanding Europe is crucial in the process of implementation of the European values into the Ukrainian society. With UE we can educate the new generation of Ukrainian youngsters engaged in social activities.”