Youth Organization

Understanding Europe Ukraine

Our team in Ukraine consists of motivated volunteers who are part of the European Youth Parliament . As in other project countries, we conduct Understanding Europe Crash Courses and aim to strengthen the students’ democratic competences and to get to know the history, institutions and opportunities for participation of the European Union. Over the past years, we have held several events for new trainers and have cooperated with the European Youth Parliament to conduct courses not only in schools but also as a part of the EYP sessions in the country.


Lisa Glybchenko

“I find Understanding Europe – Ukraine to be a unique platform for the team to create opportunities for young people in Ukraine to deepen their knowledge in such areas as civic education, democracy-building and social transformation processes at large. I believe this is also a suitable community for young people to rethink and redefine the relationships and connections between Ukraine and other European states and EU institutions in times of Ukraine’s heroic defense against Russia’s full-scale invasion. As a former “Thinking of Europe” fellow, I put a special emphasis on empowerment of our team and programs’ participants as peacebuilders and freedom-supporters, especially through digital technologies and artistic means.”