Coordinators' Meetings

The backbone and driving force of our European network

© Stefanie Loos

Twice a year, the Understanding Europe Coordinators, who steer the project all across Europe, come together at our Coordinators’ Meetings. Here they receive further training on how to run the project in their region, and discuss projects, current affairs and issues as well as the future development of the network. The Coordinators’ Meetings form the basis of our Europe-wide network as they foster cooperation and the exchange of ideas between its different members and are a constant driving force for strategic planning and innovation.


If you have any questions about our Coordinators’ Meetings, please do get in touch with Lena. If you want to get a more detailed impression of what happens at the meetings, check out our reviews of past meetings below!

More about our Coordinators and the countries in which the project is active: European Network

The activities of our network can also be followed on Instagram: @understanding_europe