November 2020

Diversity, corporate design & youth governance

Coordinators meeting digitally in November 2020.

Between November 5 and 8, 2020, the Coordinators of Understanding Europe met again digitally to exchange ideas, work on the project’s structure and consult each other on problems and best practices of educational work in times of a pandemic.

Program and activites

After informally getting to know each other, the participants informed themselves about the status quo of the project in other countries watching pre-recorded videos. The second day of the meeting was kicked off with a module by Miriam Camara, our external consultant for diversity-oriented organisational development. In the afternoon, the coordinators then dealt with the new Understanding Europe database, discussed the evaluation process of the project, and reflected on project implementation in times of the Covid-19-Pandemic. A digital dance workshop strengthened team spirit and compensated for the time spent in front of the screen.

The third day of the meeting focused on budgeting and funding issues. A session on youth governance was also joined by some of the network’s Trainers and Peer Educators. After lunch break, a digital yoga class provided for another opportunity to move together. On the meeting’s last day, the new corporate design of Understanding Europe was introduced and Coordinators openly shared ideas on topics that had not been addressed by the agenda so far.

All in all: Despite some “zoom fatigue” among the participants, the second digital Coordinators’ Meeting meeting was a success and helped to revive our motivation and drive to further develop the project despite pandemic-related difficulties!