Our Toolbox

The aim of the toolbox is to enable Understanding Europe trainers to create the manual for their next Crash Course, tailor-made for each participant.

The aim of the toolbox is to enable the peer trainers of Understanding Europe to create a tailor-made manual for their next Crash Course, depending on the target group and their thematic interests. We currently offer crash courses on four focus topics: Europe, Social Justice, Climate Justice and Participation. We also offer a multitude of materials on media which will soon be equally organised in a crash course format.

With this tool, trainers can choose from a wide range of modules and compile them into two or four-hour courses. The two different course lengths are a crucial new feature across all topics which allows schools to book the course type that fits best their needs and schedule. Moreover, course manuals can be modified for on-site or online settings.

All our crash courses follow the same structure. It has been tried and tested over many years with the success of the European Crash Course (EUCC). We always strive for methodological and thematic innovation. Therefore, the Understanding Europe Fellows of 2023 have worked through all the existing educational materials, including the new workshops developed during the Fellowships of 2021 and 2022. Based on the toolbox structure, the Fellows have managed to collect and organize all the different workshops and activities into the four topics with a common format.