Understanding Europe's project team

The project team is part of the Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe in Berlin and manages the project from there. Together with Peers and external experts, we coordinate, develop, and communicate our educational approaches, formats and materials.

  • Evin Demir

    Project Manager
    Evin Demir is responsible for the Fellowship-Programs and coordinates the “Good News!” courses. She oversees and supports all fellowship activities including the call for proposals, the process of pedagogical guidance and the publication of new educational formats. As a former Peer Educator, she understands the strength and importance of a diverse educational network and wants to empower young people from different backgrounds.
  • Friedrich Landenberger

    Communications Manager
    Friedrich Landenberger is responsible for Understanding Europe's press and public relations. He coordinates editorial and creative implementation, strategic development and positioning of all online and offline communication, and advises the project network in these areas. It is particularly important for him to bring diverse voices and perspectives of young Europeans to the fore.
  • Laura Meijer

    Project Manager
    Laura Meijer is responsible for the coordination of the project’s Peer Educators and organizes the European Summer School. She supervises the qualification of Trainers, the transnational development of educational materials, and is responsible for the evaluation of Understanding Europe. In addition, Laura is passionate about climate justice and coordinates the sustainability process of the Schwarzkopf Foundation towards a C02-neutral future.
  • Frieda Metzkow

    Student Assistant
    Frieda Metzkow supports our team with administrative and organizational tasks. She keeps an eye on various project activities, follows up on ambiguities and is involved in the organization of the European Summer School and the Coordinators' Meetings. She has a keen eye for detail and is inspired by the commitment of young Europeans. In addition to her work for Understanding Europe, Frieda studies sociolinguistics and political science at the Free University of Berlin.
  • Thimo Nieselt

    Project Lead
    Thimo Nieselt leads the Understanding Europe team and is responsible for strategic orientation, partner management and fundraising. As an expert on inclusive, diversity-oriented Peer Education, he is also in charge of the didactic approaches and quality management of educational formats as well as our network’s publications. With this project, he wants to create a space for young people to implement their own ideas and learn about life experiences and perspectives around the world.
  • Rebekka Pfennig

    Student Assistant
    Rebekka Pfennig supports our team in the coordination of workshops and events such as the European Summer School. She is also involved in the development of course materials and the course database. As a former trainer and peer educator, she knows the network since 2018 and is always inspired by the political activism and commitment of young people. Rebekka is a Master's student of European Ethnology at Humboldt University in Berlin.
  • Lena Strehmann

    Project Manager
    Lena Strehmann is a born networker and supervises the Coordinators of Understanding Europe. As a former Trainer and Coordinator of the project in Austria, she knows the network from many perspectives and manages it with care and with a passion for participation. She also enjoys communicating creatively on social media and coordinates our Diversity-Oriented Organizational Development (DOOD) process.