Understanding Europe's project team

The project team is part of the Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe in Berlin and manages the project from there. Together with Peers and external experts, we coordinate, develop, and communicate our educational approaches, formats and materials.

  • Lena Strehmann

    Programme Lead
    Lena Strehmann leads the team of Understanding Europe. She is a trained diversity manager and works as a strategic thinker and participation expert on the future of the educational network.
  • Daniela Cappuccio

    Project Manager
    Daniela Cappuccio is mainly responsible for the Coordinators and their meetings. Her portfolio also includes the Transnational Training for Trainers, project evaluation, and reporting to external funders. Daniela has been a volunteer of the network since 2016 and, also due to her background as a lawyer, is very committed to the issues of justice and social activism, especially with regards to young people.
  • Ane Cenecorta

    Project & Communications Manager
    Ane Cenecorta manages our communications channels and is responsible for the Fellowship “Thinking of Europe in Times of Transformation”. This includes supporting the process of pedagogical guidance and the publication of new educational formats. With an educational background in communications and her experience as a volunteer for the network, she wants to improve the project's outreach and its educational materials.
  • Rebekka Pfennig

    Project Manager
    Rebekka Pfennig is responsible for the European Summer School and supports the publication of the Educational Briefing. As a former trainer, she has known the network since 2018 and is always inspired by the political spirit and commitment of young people.
  • Marlene Gärtner

    Project Manager (on parental leave)
    Marlene Gärtner organises the European Summer School and is responsible for qualification, transnational networking and evaluation in the Understanding Europe project. She is passionate about scientific knowledge and committed to the exchange between research and practice.
  • Yasmine Djidel

    ESC Volunteer
    Yasmine Djidel supports our team, especially Daniela Cappuccio, with the organization and support of the transnational network. She recently graduated in International and European law from the University of Angers, France. Yasmine is deeply dedicated to engaging youth in politics, particularly those from BIPOC backgrounds and is passionate about decolonial and postcolonial studies. Additionally, she strongly advocates for social justice and champions diversity and equality of opportunity as fundamental principles.
  • Tui Nguyen

    Student Assistant
    Tui Nguyen supports the European Summer School and takes care of the course database and the "Good News" courses. She is a trained specialist in market & social research, and is a master's student in education at Humboldt University in Berlin. The topics of social inequality and empowerment are particularly important to her.