Transnational Training for Trainers (TT4T)

Bringing the network together

At our TT4Ts trainers from our 13 project countries come together to get to know new educational materials and their fellow trainers from across Europe. So far, the network has hosted 4 Transnational Trainings for Trainers in Armenia, Spain, Romania and Portugal.

What is a TT4T?

This new format within the Understanding Europe Network is an international training event with a specific focus and topic concerning our 13 country projects. Throughout a three-day program, experts on the topic and experienced Peer Educators of the network come together. Each event provides international trainers with an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills, which they can then implement in classrooms back home. This way, the TT4T offers trainers the possibility to expand their portfolio after attending their national Training for Trainers (T4T).


Through the years, only Coordinators and Peer Educators have travelled to attend international Understanding Europe events such as, the Coordinators’ Meetings and the European Summer School. Trainers needed a space that could also allow them to meet each other and engage with fellow international trainers. With the TT4Ts, we have now created the possibility for international trainers to feel more connected to the network and interact with other trainers, learn and motivate each other to keep up with their work.