May 2024

Crises management and Fundraising

The Spring Coordinators’ Meeting 2024 held in Berlin from 23-26 May 2024 brought together participants for a series of engaging and insightful activities. The programme included deep dives into diversity issues, an exhibition of the Photovoice project, fundraising modules and a session on crisis management. It was a opportunity to get to know each other, learn from each other’s updates, share knowledge, grow motivation, and shape a clear plan for future actions.

Participants began arriving on Thursday, 23 May 2024, at the charming Hüttenpalast hostel in Berlin, located in the district of Neukölln. The day kicked off with a warm welcome round, providing an opportunity for attendees to meet and greet. This was followed by engaging teambuilding activities designed to foster connections and enhance teamwork among participants. The day concluded with a visit to Futurium, where attendees explored innovative exhibits on future technologies and sustainable living.

On Friday, 24 May, the second day started with a warmup session, where the day’s objectives were outlined. A significant part of the day was dedicated to understanding diversity, with a focus on the various perceptions of discrimination across the countries represented in the network. This insightful session encouraged deep reflection and meaningful discussions among participants. The afternoon featured an exhibition of the Photovoice project at Rathaus Neukölln, showcasing powerful visual stories by the Peer Educators of the Network.

The day ended with an enriching fundraising module led by Henning Undheim, the Head Organiser of the European Youth Parliament International Session of Tromsø. Participants gained valuable insights into effective fundraising strategies, crucial for sustaining their initiatives.

Saturday, 25 May, began with a module on crisis management within the network, led by Batoul Abu-Yahya. Participants learned practical approaches to handle crises and maintain resilience in difficult times. Following this, the Coordinators provided updates on the current situations in their respective countries, sharing successes and challenges.

The evening was reserved for relaxation and fun with a board games night, allowing participants to unwind and enjoy some leisure time together.

The final day, Sunday, 26 May, offered open spaces for discussions on various critical topics. Participants delved into issues of diversity and how to be concretely more inclusive as leaders of their teams, the Israel-Palestine conflict, and strategies for the upcoming EU Elections. These open spaces provided a platform for deep, unstructured conversations, encouraging participants to share their perspectives and co-create actionable plans.

The Coordinators‘ Meeting concluded with a sense of accomplishment and a clear roadmap for future actions. The participants left Berlin not only with new knowledge and skills but also with strengthened bonds and a renewed commitment to their shared goals.

  • © Stefanie Loos