Understanding Europe Austria

The Understanding Europe Project in Austria has been working in cooperation with the EYP since 2014. In these years, we had the pleasure to have workshops all over Austria but especially in Graz and Vienna. Every year, we are excited to welcome new and motivated trainers from various backgrounds to our small family. In our work we thrive to give every trainer the tools they need to work upon the amazing foundation provided by the Schwarzkopf Foundation and try to reach as many different school types as possible.


Sophia Weiser

“The EU has substantial impact not only on our political landscape but also on our everyday life. I believe it is very important to convey its virtues to young students in Austria and to provide them with a skillset to be aware of its perks and stay critical of its shortcomings.”

Marvin Huber

“I believe that through teaching our peers about the values which are important to us we encouraged them to stand up for what they believe in.”