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Understanding Europe Austria

The Understanding Europe Project in Austria has been working in cooperation with the EYP since 2014. In these years, we had the pleasure to have workshops all over Austria but especially in Graz and Vienna.

Every year, we are excited to welcome new and motivated trainers from various backgrounds to our small family. In our work we thrive to give every trainer the tools they need to work upon the amazing foundation provided by the Schwarzkopf Foundation and try to reach as many different school types as possible.

Our Offers:

In addition to our well established crash course on the European Union, we are officially launching new courses on media and climate justice. Our courses typically last for four hours and are designed to be very engaging and interactive. At the core of each course are workshops pupils can choose from, which are held in parallel.

Course bookings are free of charge and can be made for the following topics:

EU Crash Course

  • Workshop Why does the EU exist?
  • Workshop Who is the EU?
  • Workshop What does the EU do?

Media Crash Course

  • Workshop Discriminatory languages and narratives in the media
  • Workshop Faster than the algorithm

Climate Justice Crash Course

  • Workshop Be part of the solution, not pollution
  • Workshop Job orientation in the time of climate change

Our Team:

Understanding Europe Austria is run by a team of young, motivated volunteers.

Our Activities:

Our main activities are courses held at schools. Besides our school visits we also organise regular trainings for our volunteers to become official Understanding Europe Trainers and to deepen their knowledge. In 2021/22 were granted external funding to organise a participation format. For this, we held a one-time discussion event with six external guest speakers.


Please book courses directly on our webpage.

If you have any questions prior to the booking, please do not hesitate to contact


Julia Kikel

“After being introduced to the European Youth Parliament in 2017, I have always felt very passionate about European values and youth participation. The Understanding Europe project, specifically, appealed to me because of its novel, tangible and interactive teaching and learning approach, which is mutually enriching for both pupils and trainers. Moreover, I enjoy being part of an international team of equally motivated and like-minded people who share my interests.”