Understanding Europe Portugal

Understanding Europe was first introduced in Portugal in 2017, and it has since grown rapidly. We are currently active in schools from north to south of the country, reaching high school students from standard education in all courses of studies, as well as students enrolled in vocational and professional education in varied fields. Our seminars, expertly designed to be dynamic and engaging, have served to fill a gap regarding EU topics, which the Portuguese formal education system has yet to cover. For that reason, in our few but fulfilling years of action, we have received positive and encouraging feedback from both teachers and students.


Diogo Matos

“I first got into Understanding Europe through the EYP Portugal 2 years ago and since then my knowledge on the EU and my soft skills, such as team and resource management, have grown exponentially. The sheer opportunity to engage with young people around the country has given me the space to grow and learn so much from the different contexts and perspectives.”

Sara Vitorino

“I always liked to learn and discuss about European matters. In this project, I can learn and help teaching and reaching more people. Also, I want to help educating and empowering active citizens while I meet new people and share different ideas. Through being active in UE, I can say I learned a lot about time management, as well as adapting to new environments and working with new people.”

Leonor Costa

“I got involved with Understanding Europe hoping to expand my own knowledge of the EU and developing new skills within the scopes of communication and teamwork. While being active in UE, having contact with both Trainers and students from different backgrounds, I have been presented with multiple learning experiences which I will undoubtedly take with me for the rest of my life.”