23. Februar 2024

Vernissage and Launch of publication: “Young Perspectives on Social Injustices in Europe”

Understanding Europe presents its first ever exhibition titled “Young Perspectives on Social Injustices in Europe”. The vernissage of the exhibition and the lunch of the publication, were held at Rotes Rathaus Berlin, on the 14th of February.

Event programme

The event celebrated the captivating Photovoices captured by the participants of our 2023 European Summer School. Photovoice is a participatory technique, for which the participants are taking a photo and adding a text fragment to convey the thoughts and feelings participants are connecting with a certain topic.

“Thinking of Europe in Times of Crisis” was the overarching topic, to which participants identified social injustices as the most pressing issues.  The reflections resulted in 22 moving Photovoices representing all “the ideas, the stories and thoughts that lay in each and every one of us and that are hidden” says Béla Duschek, member of UE Austria in a video message.

About the Exhibition

The vernissage kicked off with an introduction given by Schwarzkopf Stiftung´s executive director Tomás Sacher and Elisabeth Mansfield from the funding partner Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft. This project was made possible within the framework of this collaboration, reflecting about “Thinking of Europe in times of Transformation”.

The Photovoices on display were created as part of a workshop facilitated by Nigerian-British Photographer Mariochukwu Washington-Ihieme, who gave us the honour of being present for this occasion. In conversation with Tom Steckelbruck, a member of UE Germany, she emphasized the profound aspects of the Photovoices, manifesting the immediate feelings of the participants as they went through the streets of Berlin-Neukölln.

Mario and Tom reflected on the project and highlighted the impacting experience of sharing emotions and making yourself vulnerable through the pictures. They included impressions of Peer Trainers in their reflections, who could not be present for the event, but joined via video message.

The exhibition will be running until Friday, 1st March 2024 in Rotes Rathaus Berlin. In April we will be showing the Photovoices from 8th April to 29th of April at Helene-Nathan library in Berlin-Neukölln.

Thinking of Europe, what areas of transformation are most important to you? In which ways do you experience Social Injustices in Europe?