14. February 2024

Young perspectives on Social Injustices in Europe

Compiled into a publication, Understanding Europe's Peer Educators have created 22 Photovoices. Consisting of an image and a text fragment, they were created at the European Summer School last August.

The Publication “Thinking of Europe in Times of Transformation: Young perspectives on Social Injustices in Europe” gathers 22 Photovoices dealing with the current challenges in Europe around the topics of democracy, climate change, social injustice, and technology. It describes Photovoice as an engaging method exploring topics that are close to young people in Europe through the lense of Photography.

The project aimed to encourage an open dialogue and vulnerability among participants, dealing with personal experiences of discrimination, raicism, poverty, consequences of war and memory culture.  During a workshop at the European Summer School in August 2023, the participants learned about different photo techniques and dived into a brainstorming of pressing issues in their daily lives in Europe. Guided by the photographer and facilitator Mariochukwu Washington-Ihieme, they created abstract images and a text fragment to make their experiences visible.

The project resulted in a series of photographs, accompanied by text fragments, capturing individual and collective experiences across Europe. Through the stories shared during the project, participants gained insights into social representations and belonging in Europe.

The publication is being launched today with a vernissage at the Rotes Rathaus in Berlin, where the 22 Photovoices will be on display from 14.02.21 to 01.03.24.

We wish you an empowering and thought-provoking read!

Photovoices 2023: Young perspectives on Social Injustices in Europe
PDF — 10 MB