2. March 2023

Presentation of newly published narrative report

Our newly published report on narratives and perspectives on Europe was discussed in a launch event on the 1st of March at Q-Club Berlin.

The report is based on interviews with young volunteers who are active in European Citizenship Education and explores their views on contemporary European conflicts and their visions for Europe’s future. Author Marlene Gärtner, project manager of Understanding Europe, aimed to capture perceptions and ideas about Europe within the Understanding Europe Network.

Event programme

After a brief introduction from Understanding Europe’s Team Lead, Thimo Nieselt and Elisabeth Mansfield from the funding partner Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft, Marlene presented key findings and conclusions of the report. The event continued with a panel discussion featuring several experts on education and Europe. This was followed by an open question round and an informal get-together. The afternoon was full of enriching perspectives and discussions on how different views on Europe shape our lives.

Panellists of the event

  • Visar Xhambazi is a researcher, consultant, and project manager for various non-profit organizations in the Western Balkans and Europe. He currently works as a project manager at Sbunker , a nonprofit media organization in Kosovo covering politics, economics, culture and society.
  • Samira Brahimi is a network member and former “Thinking of Europe” fellow. She also participated in the Postmigrant Europe Travel of the Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe and is currently Peer Educator of Understanding Europe Italy.
  • Dr Funda Tekin is a director at IEP (Institute for European Politics) in Berlin, Senior Research Fellow at Center for Turkey and EU Studies at University of Cologne, and the editor of the academic quarterly Integration. She was lead researcher on “Narratives on European constitutionalism and identity” of the Horizon 2020 project EU-IDEA and researched extensively on narratives in EU-Turkey relations.
  • Noé Letourneux is a Coordinator and Peer Educator for Understanding Europe France, which is run by the association Cité des Chances . Cité des Chances is an association which aims to promote the civic engagement of young people from the Parisian suburbs, by giving them tools and by accompanying them in civic life. The organization has joined the Understanding Europe network in 2022.