Youth Organization

Cité des Chances

In France, Understanding Europe is run by Cité des Chances, an association that seeks to create an environment of equal opportunities for young people throughout the country.


Cité des Chances was founded in 2018 in order to:

  • mobilize young people from less privileged areas and backgrounds to understand politics
  • help young people from less privileged backgrounds to reach opportunities
  • encourage young people from less privileged backgrounds to get engaged in civil society.

The association puts in place various activities such as workshops on French institutions, public services and sites visits, parliamentary simulations and counselling meetings.

As a partner of Understanding Europe, Cité des Chances will also start offering courses on Europe, media, participation, social and environmental justice. Courses can be booked in the regions XY from XY onwards.


Noé Letourneux

“I launched the cooperation between Understanding Europe France and Cité des Chances with the belief that belongingness to the European Union should expand to individuals from less economically privileged backgrounds and of immigration descent. Being a part of the Understanding Europe Network allows us to tackle under-representation in the EU whilst meeting life-long friends.”

Jeanne Gorny

“I have been part of Cité des Chances since 2021 and am very excited to develop a programme adapted to less privileged high schoolers. This project makes me enthusiastic and gives me a chance to be more active as a French citizen. I am grateful I learned more about the values of Understanding Europe and made many friendships through this experience until now.”