20. December 2021

Educational Briefing 2021 published

This year's publication is entitled “Going digital together: pathways to inclusive citizenship education online”. Next to contributions from education experts, some of our network members report on their experiences with digital peer education.

Which tools work for most young people? How can trainers create a safer space digitally? And how can we make our digital workshops participatory? What are tips and tricks for trainers who are not yet experienced in providing digital courses? The first part of this Educational Briefing deals with exactly these questions and provides first practical insights.

The second part focuses on skills and knowledge necessary to navigate and participate in the online world. How to evaluate information, to interact, to share content, or to respond to hate speech online – these are all topics for which young people need room to share, reflect and debate. The articles show how this can be achieved in a (non-formal and formal) educational setting.


  • Dr Alicja Pawluczuk: Youth digital inclusion and democratic education: leaving no one behind
  • Ema Gonçalves & Henrique Rosário: Challenges and opportunities for peer education in the digital space
  • A talk with Daniela Toutpati: Understanding Europe Belgium and its Assemblies of Solidarity
  • Kansu Ekin Tanca: Digital citizenship for young people from a peer education approach
  • Dr Thomas Nygren: Research-based education against disinformation
  • Malik Eminoglu: Understanding Fake News – Insights into the origins and consequences of misinformation
Educational Briefing 2021 - Going digital together: pathways to inclusive citizenship education online
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