29. April 2024

Apply now: European Summer School 2024

Take the next step and apply to become a Peer Educator this summer. Strengten your skills as a trainer and learn from other fellow network members during the European Summer School in August in Berlin, Germany.

The European Summer School will be taking place in August 22-25, 2024 in Berlin.

This yearly event will provide experienced Trainers from our network the possibility to become Peer Educators.

As a Peer Educator, you take on a new role in the network by training local volunteers in your regional team, who want to become Trainers. So you are responsible for facilitating training for trainers (in short: T4Ts) and thus ensure that newly committed people can become part of the project.

European Summer School 2022 © Stefanie Loos

In order to learn everything you need to know for this role, the programme of the European Summer School consists of the following elements:

  • Workshops on our educational methods & approaches
  • Introduction to newly developed Crash Courses on Media & Journalism by our Working Group
  • Follow-up on our toolbox approach
  • Workshop with external guest
  • interactive Keynote Speech

There will also be plenty of time to exchange, discuss and co-create the European Summer School together – we are looking forward to your input!

Rebekka Pfennig

How to apply ?

The deadline for applications is May 12th, 2024, 23:59 CEST. Please apply only via this link and not via e-mail.

We will contact you no later thatn Friday, 31st May 2024 with further details of your participation.

You are a Peer Educator & want to continue?

That is great! We would be very happy if you join for another year! Please register via the same link and follow the application for experienced Peer Educators. Please be aware that we expect you to participate at the European Summer School 2024 in order to be able to train new Trainers in your team.


In case you have any questions, feel free to contact our project manager Rebekka, who is responsible for organising the European Summer School.

CfA European Summer School 2023
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