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Understanding Europe Spain

Team Understanding Europe Spain. From left to right/up and down: Júlia Aguilera, Inés Ramírez, Ane Cenecorta, Paula Sancho-Miñana, Lía Pérez, Marina Junqueira, Álex Torres, Sara Polo, Jana Beneito, Carla Monzón. Missing in the picture: Mireia Marquillas and Judit Lladós.

This picture was taken during a T4T event of Understanding Europe Spain and we had the help of Kerstin Reisinger (3rd picture in the first row) as Peer Educator.

Understanding Europe is an outstanding educational project that intends to give students, through a 4-hours long EU-Crash-Course in classrooms or a 2.5 hour long digital Crash-Course, a first approach to the European reality, its institutions, and proceedings. From a non-partisan point of view and with flexible interactive seminar material, Understanding Europe offers a platform for young students of 3rd and 4th ESO to have a say and discuss current European affairs. The course is structured in several Workshops, conducted by young Trainers, that aim at engaging pupils in an open discussion about current European topics and providing a basic understanding of the European Union. The peer-to-peer-relationship between trainers and students provides the floor to express fears and criticisms openly. The Trainers support the independent work of the young participants in small groups in order for them to approach the different needs in the classroom the best way possible. All of this is done by using an interactive mix of methods both in the analogue or digital material. Understanding Europe is a project aimed at providing pupils with the information and context needed to understand not only the EU, but also the current issues that affect the world. With our Workshops, the students are expected to gain a strong basis that will allow them to position themselves and discuss current European affairs with knowledge and a critical spirit. Furthermore, the EU-Crash-Course improves their communication skills as well as their teamwork by helping them work on the capabilities of leadership, taking initiative and fostering cooperation.


Ane Cenecorta Godoy

“Truth is, that Understanding Europe is a project that has changed me for the better. This project makes you a better person, helps you connect with great people and above all, is more than just giving Crash Courses to young students. I think it's about connecting with them and giving them valuable tools to thrive in life, offering them the freedom that they might haven't experienced in their classrooms, showing them that there is always another way out, another way of doing things.”