Youth Organization

Understanding Europe Spain

Understanding Europe Spain is an outstanding educational project that intends to give students, through a 2- to 4-hours long Crash-Courses in classrooms, a first approach to European reality.

From a non-partisan point of view and with flexible interactive seminar material, we offer a platform for young students of 3rd and 4th ESO to have a say and discuss current European affairs, choosing from the following Crash Course topics:

  • Europe
  • Media
  • Participation
  • Climate Justice
  • Social Justice

The course is structured in several Workshops, conducted by young Trainers, that aim at engaging pupils in an open discussion about current European topics and providing a basic understanding of the European Union. We support the independent work of the young participants in small groups in order for them to approach the different needs in the classroom the best way possible. All of this is done by using an interactive mix of methods both in the analogue or digital material.

All in all, Understanding Europe helps them improve their communication skills as well as their teamwork by helping them work on the capabilities of leadership, taking initiative and fostering cooperation.

Let’s meet the team!


María López Delgado

“Since I became a part of the Understanding Europe network, I have not only broadened my knowledge, but I have also grown as a person. The opportunities it has presented me to connect with people all over Europe, with different backgrounds and with so many things to share, has allowed me to deepen my understanding of the world that surrounds us. That is the reason why we wanted to bring this in to others!”

Begotxu Garibi Irigoras

"First and foremost, "Understanding Europe" has provided a space to discuss and reflect on relevant issues in the current context, such as climate change or the future of the European Union. Moreover, it has given me the opportunity to meet passionate and committed individuals, fostering discussions among people who hold diverse opinions. This project has also given me the opportunity to interact and encourage students to participate in society and form an opinion on a variety of topics"