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Understanding Europe Germany

Team Understanding Europe Germany

The non-profit association Understanding Europe Germany e.V. was founded as a spin-off of the Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe’s project Understanding Europe in 2019. Currently, 15 trainers from all over Germany are active. We are young educators who want to bring politics and European topics into the classroom. We want to facilitate discussions at eye level and aim to give young people a space to discuss these topics. We promote understanding of democracy, impartial political participation and political education of young people. Diversity, anti-discrimination and sustainability are the core values of our work.


Milad Tabesch

“I had the privilege to be a part of Understanding Europe since 2017. To discuss, what aspirations and hopes we have for the future, beyond the peace we have learned to take for granted, is exactly the motivation that drives me to talk to young people about the relevance of the EU. And Understanding Europe offers exactly this opportunity.”

Vanessa Schmidt

“I have been involved in the Understanding Europe programme since 2018, which has taught me a lot. I am very happy to be active in UE as working together with young people shows me every day how much power and motivation there is in young people to change the world in a positive way.”