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Understanding Europe Greece

Team UE Greece 2022

Understanding Europe Greece was established in 2022 and its management consists of Members of the European Youth Parliament Greece. Through the Understanding Europe Network, we wish to amplify our contribution to youth engagement, using our experience in youth work and European affairs to dispel Euroscepticism and cultivate a sense of European identity and belonging among students.

Furthermore, we believe our participation in the network will be key in helping address numerous social and human rights issues in a peer-to-peer basis, by empowering youth civil participation while cultivating European values of diversity, tolerance, and intercultural dialogue. We really hope that our further engagement with Greek schools will not only expand our reach to the youth all over the country, but also include more young people in our mission of non-formal learning and the use of innovative tools and methods, by offering alternative opportunities for engagement with European affairs.

Our mission is to slowly grow beyond the two main biggest cities of the country and reach remote areas such as numerous Greek islands, where students are less likely to experience European multiculturalism and active democratic citizenship.


Spyridoula-Iris Vasilakopoulou

I’m more than excited for the launch of the Understanding Europe Greece project that will allow further promotion of knowledge on European matters (and not only) in schools located in both central and remote areas of Greece. It is surely going to be a unique opportunity for anyone that is to be involved in our future endeavors and I simply cannot wait to see how insightful this new journey will turn out to be.

Elena Petsa

Joining Understanding Europe is a very exciting opportunity for our country, and it will definitely allow us to promote knowledge regarding Europe and its values. I am more than happy to join the network as a Coordinator and see how this project will evolve in Greece!

Maria Deliporanidou

Having the opportunity to be part of the Understanding Europe Greece project is an exciting new chapter for all of us. We hope that we can give the chance to as many students as possible to benefit from the educational methods that are offered and learn more about European values and their status as active European citizens.

Niki Veggou

Peer Educator
We are proud to be part of the Understanding Europe family! My hope is to empower, through inclusive non-formal education, the new generation of Greek students to truly become active citizens both in their local community and in Europe.

Maria Kalampaliki

Social Media Officer
It has been such a pleasure to finally become members of the Understanding Europe Network! We are more than happy to introduce this beautiful project to more young European citizens, and actually help them understand Europe better, learn from it, improve it, and cooperate within it in the most efficient way!