27. February 2023

Report published: Young Narratives of Europe

Perceptions and ideas around Europe can be very different within Understanding Europe network members. This report explores stories, concerns, suggestions and visions of Europe from thirteen young volunteers active in the network.

The publication “Taking Europe Personally: Young Narratives of Europe” addresses perceptions and ideas about Europe within the Understanding Europe Network. Understanding Europe is an educational network by and for young people committed to civic participation and to a democratic and open-minded Europe. The report seeks to give access to narratives young Europeans believe in and base their actions on. It explores what it means to be young and European today. Based on their specific contexts, what do young network members think about Europe? Where do they encounter it in their everyday lives? How do societal changes and major geopolitical events such as wars, shape their understanding of what Europe is or is supposed to be? And what is the role of citizenship education in shaping young narratives of Europe?

The report is based on interviews with thirteen volunteers between the ages of 18 and 25 who occupy different positions within the network (trainer, peer educator, coordinator or fellow). Coming from eight different European countries, all interview partners are active in European citizenship education and therefore represent a group of young Europeans who are well-informed about European politics and engaged in strengthening civil society. They are taking Europe personally and their stories contain concerns, suggestions, and visions for Europe.

Taking Europe Personally: Young Narratives of Europe
PDF — 33 MB