21. December 2022

Report published: participation formats 2022

In 2022, five organisations of our network have developed and implemented new formats aiming to enable students in their country to become active. Topics include gender equality, smart cities, political education and climate justice.

With the aim of engaging young people on current topics and debated, members of our organisations in Armenia, Austria, Germany, Romania and Portugal have come up with the following innovative educational formats:

“Active Citizenship Lab” – Understanding Europe Armenia

This two-day event gathered young Armenians to participate in a set of workshops and a panel discussion on civic activism and democratic participation.

“You participate and we strengthen your voices” – Understanding Europe Austria

The format was targeted at pupils attending vocational schools all over Austria, a group we found to have limited access to political education as part of their formal education.

“Become Active” – Understanding Europe Germany

What is the relationship between the environment and racism? In a five-day workshop, students learned about the central concepts behind these phenomena. This included a workshop with an environmental activist and a visit to a museum.

“Smart Cityzens Debate” – Understanding Europe Romania

The vision behind this format is for young people to debate on ideas and solutions for better and more sustainable cities that use technology and innovation to become greener and safer for future generations.

“The Future of Gender Equality” – Understanding Europe Portugal

The goal of this two-day workshop was to provide young minds with different ways of being politically active citizens applied to the gender equality topic. It included working out an advocacy strategy and a panel discussion.