26. January 2023

Apply now: first Transnational Training for Trainers 2023

The third Transnational Training for Trainers (TT4T) will take place this spring. Another country within the Understanding Europe network will be in charge of hosting this event around 3 possible topics: Climate Justice, Participation, and Europe.

Apply Now:

We are happy to announce our third call for applications to host a transnational T4T in Understanding Europe open for trainers from all project countries!

Understanding Europe is an ever-growing network of young people delivering educational work across Europe. Since last year, our trainers can also experience the networks transnational character during our Transnational Training for Trainers – a series of events where Trainers, Coordinators and Peer Educators from all over Europe can come together and connect!

Bilbao Transnational Training for Trainers 2022

These training events are meant to be a space for learning and exchange on one of our focus topics per event. The focus topics in the Understanding Europe Network are Social Justice, Climate Justice, Participation, Europe and the Media. As hosts of the upcoming Transnational Training for Trainers in Spring 2023, you can choose the topic of your TT4T out of the focus topics Climate Justice, Europe and Participation.

About the event

The TT4T should be held in the second half of April 2023, with an approximate duration of 2.5 days (ideally from Friday noon – Sunday evening). Around 20 Trainers and Peer Educators from all over Europe will get the chance to participate. During the preparations leading up to the event, you will be supported by the project managers of Understanding Europe with programme-development, contact to the Fellows and/or Peer Educators who will support the programme, call for participants etc.

How to apply

The deadline to apply is Wednesday the 8th of February, 23:59 CET

You can apply by filling out the following form, explaining why you want to host the TT4T, outlining your human resources and stating ideas for programme elements you would like to include. Selection criteria are: your motivation, your content idea, a sufficiently large organising team, local networking/fundraising and connections with supportive organisations.


In case you have any questions, feel free to contact our project managers Marlene and Lena who are responsible for organising the TT4T.

CfA: 3rd TT4T 2023
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