Workshop “Peace in Europe: Digital and virtual reality peacebuilding”

This workshop is an educational effort to empower participants to recognize their potential as peacebuilders in Europe and beyond. It reveals the process of peacebuilding by using virtual reality (VR) tools and encourages them to practice digital peacebuilding in everyday life.

What is this workshop about?

The main goal of the workshop is to raise awareness of European education as a peace project in the following way:

  • understand the relationship between peace, arts and digital technologies/media
  • strengthen their digital and virtual technologies/media skills
  • develop strategies of using digital and virtual technologies/
    media as peacebuilding tools

It aims to map avenues for how young people can continue their peacebuilding efforts outside of the workshop space – in both artistic and digital ways.

Lisa Glybchenko


Key facts

Duration: 140 minutes without a break

Format: on site

Target group: young people aged 14-16 years, with an interest in technology and artistic expression (without any or much experience)

About the material

The workshop was developed as part of our Thinking of Europe Fellowship in cooperation with the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft. All  materials are accessible as an Open Educational Resource.

The author and we as Understanding Europe would like to encourage teachers, young educators and educational multipliers to use it for their work.

Workshop manual: Peace in Europe: Digital and virtual reality peacebuilding
PDF — 3 MB
Powerpoint presentation
PDF — 1 MB