Youth Organization

Understanding Europe Türkiye

Understanding Europe Türkiye was established in 2021 as a cooperation between Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe and EYP Türkiye (Avrupa Gençlik Parlamentosu Derneği, AGPD). It aims to help Turkish youngsters to realise what they are capable of achieving: becoming active, open-minded and tolerant citizens and creating a big impact on the common future of the European Union and Türkiye.

Accordingly, we offer various Turkish and English crash courses and training modules in the fields of EU institutions, democracy, rule of law and diversity specifically tailored to Turkish students living in 7 different regions and 81 diverse cities. Should you be interested in our courses – as a future trainer or participant – do not hesitate to contact us and join our network now!


Yiğit Acar

“I believe in the structure of democratic comprehension and wish for all people from different ethnicities, races, genders, religions and beliefs to take part in decision making processes. We can expand our horizons and put us at the next level by actually “Understanding Europe”. If you ever decide to be a part of this beautiful project, I want you to implement everything you learned in the best way possible for yourselves and be aware of that by the end of the day.”

Sude Kınık

“I believe that countries such as ours should step up their involvement with the EU as well as its values of democracy, equality and human rights to achieve sustainable progress in these areas. If we, as young people, can understand Europe, we can work together to learn from it, better it, and cooperate with it in the best possible way. I am hopeful that this project will inspire and enlighten young people not only through training and modules, but also through the interaction they will form with their counterparts from all around Europe.”