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Station Europe

In Romania, Understanding Europe is run by a tech-savy NGO which seeks to give young people the power to bring useful initiatives to life and to inspire communities to act for a sustainable future.

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This is Station Europe.

We believe that everyone has a role to play in the future of their communities.

We are proudly representing the voices of young people in Europe through projects and initiatives that bring out a cool mixture between tech & digital, creativity and social skills. Among many other things.

We support the initiators, those who are protagonists on the stage of social life and want to be ambassadors for good in the communities they belong to.

Through Understanding Europe, which we will implement for the first time in Romania, we aim to expand our expertise in the area of non-formal and gamified education for young people, as well as to increase the network of ambassadors to carry out dissemination projects and creative laboratories. We are honored to be the first organization to implement UE in this area and to be part of a learning ecosystem that will lead to new ways of designing projects and provide us with new mechanisms and outstanding concepts we can approach in our country.


Petruța Carp

“Inspired by European values, I embarked on a mission to motivate young communities toward a sustainable future. Coordinating Understanding Europe Romania allows me to bring together a lively and charismatic group of young minds. My engagement in this network represents not merely a change but a transformative challenge, sparking a genuine reevaluation of perspectives. Our commitment to democracy, diversity, and participation forms the foundation for a space where young people actively shape the narrative that reflects the essence of Europe.”

Maria Preda

“As a coordinator, it's important to be aware of the needs of others, to be creative, to have good organizational skills, and be able to deliver the knowledge by taking into consideration the multiple intelligences of the audience. These 3 things are essential also in our crash courses. For me, being part of Understanding Europe means to live a life of use to others and ensure a better future for the next generations Romania and Europe as a whole.”