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Understanding Europe Italy

In Italy, Understanding Europe is a project of the European Youth Parliament Italy. It is about peer-to-peer trainings on the history, institutions and competences of the European Union. Our trainings are 2-4 hours long but can be adapted to the specific needs of the learning group. They are available both in Italian and English.

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Emilia Serra

"I am grateful to be part of the Understanding Europe team because I truly believe it is a project that in its own small way can make a difference and inspire young Europeans to be more active in their communities and to be aware of their power"

Anita Bellinger

"I first got involved with Understanding Europe during the COVID lockdown, and it rapidly became very clear to me how powerful of a tool it could be: in the name of inclusivity, it offers to European pupils the opportunity to get a glimpse of what is happening around them, with the active intention of stimulating them towards an aware and active citizenship. That is the core to me, spreading a message of inclusion and disdain of any sort of oppression"