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Understanding Europe Bosnia-Herzegovina

Understanding Europe in Bosnia and Herzegovina operates mainly in our largest urban centres (Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Tuzla, Zenica and Bihać). We see it as our main purpose to be the educators of our youth on the topic of the EU, its values, institutions and political processes. This is especially important so that the youth can see a place for Bosnia and Herzegovina in this community of nations.

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Imamović Tarik

“The Understanding Europe program is especially important in Bosnia and Herzegovina when we take into consideration our national goal of joining the EU. In this context, we perform a crucial role of educating our youth in the values and institutions of the EU.”

Arijel Kurtagic

“I believe that in Bosnia and Herzegovina Understanding Europe carries an additional amount of importance. Here, there is so much skepticism regarding the EU. Understanding Europe allows young people to create an informed, balanced stance regarding the EU's effectiveness and serves as a tool to teach them that their voices matter, in their home country, and in the European Union.”